A group of construction workers holding their Labour Cards, symbolizing empowerment and support for workers in the construction industry across India.

Labour Card: Empowering Construction Workers Across India

Introduction In an effort to improve the lives and working conditions of construction workers across India, state governments have introduced the Labour Card initiative. This initiative aims to provide various benefits and welfare measures to these hardworking individuals who play a crucial role in building our nation. In this article, we will explore the significance […]

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A close-up shot of a skilled artisan meticulously crafting intricate designs on a piece of handcrafted pottery.

Labor Card: Empowering Construction Workers

Labor Card: Empowering Construction Workers Welcome to Easy Painter , where we believe in empowering the backbone of the construction industry – the hardworking labor force. In the realm of construction, ensuring the welfare and rights of laborers is paramount. One crucial aspect of this commitment is the issuance and recognition of the Labor Card. […]

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