About Interior Painting

Interior Home Painting is one of the most essential pieces when it comes to interior decor or the final touch of your house. One might bring in expensive furniture, showcases or electronics to decorate the interior of the house but the colour combination of the walls and the smooth finish can hamper it all. Hence, Bright Mind presents you free consultation for your interior home painting. Interior home painting service by Bright Mind is a premium service and definitely comes with a top quality experience. We are not just painting the walls, instead we are providing much more than that.

Interior Painting process

1-Paintable area examination

To ascertain repair requirements .


Relevant to when interiors are under painting .All articles in the area under the painting room are masked with a waterproof plastic film to avoid settling of paint stains on their surfaces.


The paintable area is then sanded with rotary disc electric sander using 100 grit sand paper.The dust so scraped is trapped in the attached canvas bag .This ensures a 90% dust free environment.

4-Primer application

After sanding the smooth surface is now ready for primer application as per requirement Primer is sprayed with an Airless spray machine which releases the material unequal quantity , 50/ 60 microns.

5-Paint Application

After a gap of 6 hours ,the surface is ready for the application of the paint of your choice ,water base or plastic base with Airless spray gun imported from Germany Wagner – a top end of the market product

6-Paint Trim and Doors

Remove plastic sheeting from doors, windows and lighting fixtures. Add two coats of exterior semi gloss paint color to woodwork and doors using paintbrush. Remove drop cloths.

The premium interior home painting service by Bright Mind gives you a relaxing and hassle free painting experience which is nowhere in the market. Let us see how :


Free Site-Inspection & Consultation – We are not charging at all for the multiple quotes that are providing and free consultation for the painting work of your house. Suppose you are searching for a painting contractor near your house. You can easily call up several painting contractors but remember the difference here. Painting contractors will come up and will give you a quote but not free consultation. Hence, reason one why you should book Easy Painter home painting service in Delhi.


Laser measurements – Now that you have booked the Bright Mind painting service, you have to learn how to relax and leave everything on us. We start with laser measurements of your walls that need to be painted. The Laser machines are giving us accurate decimals; those are giving us the accurate area in units. These units are then multiplied by our veracious prices. Hence, best home painting quotations in the Market.


Multiple Quotes – We all know that the one who offers the best is always the winner. We deeply understand your painting needs and then offer you 4 to 5 detailed quotes and then leave it on you to choose one. Home painting detailed quotes means every wall is considered and is separately multiplied by the prices. Therefore, our detailed quotes feature gives you complete clarity of the measured area.


Packaging and Masking – Here comes another outstanding sub service by Bright Mind. The home painters at Bright Mind always take care of the stuff at your home or office such as furniture, floors and electronics by covering it with plastic sheets, they even mask the switch boards with tapes. This is totally a stain free home painting process in the market.


High-Tech Machinery – Let us count 1.Laser Machines 2.Vacuum Sanding Machines 3. Electric Rollers. This is the latest technology machinery used by Bright Mind Painters. Vacuum Sanding Machines are very useful and efficient. These machines have a bag and a vacuum in them. While sanding the walls the dust is sucked by the machine and stored in the attached bag which is extracted later. And the electric rollers help in applying even a quantity of paint on walls. All this is not hampering the cast of your project as the price still remains competitive. Machines ensure the smooth and finish of the walls.


Post Service Clean-up – You can say that this point is the main reason why one should book a home painting service from Bright Mind.Everyone in this world needs his home cleaned and expects no stains of paint in his home after a painting job is done. Here we already cover most of the non – paint able areas and use machines to avoid dust and stains. But still there are always some odds and we know that. Our workers ensure that the complete home is deeply cleaned post the service.


Always in Touch – Once you avail a Bright Mind service you become an asset to the team. The team who works for you will always be in touch with you. We understand that there are cases where the customer needs help even after availing the service or there might be some complaints. Hence, we are always in touch with our customers.

Paint application

Painting your home is exciting, but choosing the right colours, products, and house painters while ensuring your family’s safety can be a huge task. That’s where we come in with our aim to make home painting a safe and great experience! With Easy Painter Safe Painting Services, re-imagine your home as a huge canvas.

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