EasyPainter, we understand the importance of keeping your wooden surfaces looking beautiful, elegant, and well-maintained. Our wood polishing services are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your wood furniture, flooring, and fixtures, while also providing protection against wear and tear.

Here’s what you can expect from our wood polishing process:

  1. Surface Cleaning and Preparation: Before beginning the wood polishing process, we ensure that the wooden surface is clean and free from any dust, dirt, or grime. Proper cleaning is essential to achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
  2. Assessment and Repair: Our skilled professionals assess the condition of the wood to identify any scratches, dents, or imperfections. If needed, we perform minor repairs to ensure that the surface is ready for polishing.
  3. Choosing the Right Polish: Different types of wood require different types of polish to bring out their best features. Our experts carefully select the appropriate polish based on the wood species and its condition.
  4. Hand Sanding: For the best results, we often use hand sanding techniques to smooth out the wood surface and remove any unevenness. Hand sanding allows us to be precise and gentle, preserving the integrity of the wood.

Wood Care Process

Step 1 :Sanding Wooden surfaces

Sanding Wooden surfaces need to be sanded first, irrespective of whether it is to be stained or painted over. Key to a long lasting paint result is to prepare woodwork to get rid of dust or loose particles or existing glossy layers if any. Wood needs to be sanded along the grains. Starting with 180 Grit sandpaper, sanding can be progressively done using 320 or 400 grit, either at the beginning or between coats.


Step 2 : Stain : Change the Colour.

Stains change the colour of the wooden surface. Premium Wood Stains are available that can give your wooden surfaces the look of Mahogany or Teak. Statins can be used before applying polish or even before transparent melamine or polyester coatings. Stain can be applied over the surface as required, to achieve desired colouring. No sanding is required in between.

Step 3 : Polish : For a Clear Coat

Wooden furniture and doors can be polished to give a rich, glossy look.At easy painter polishing is done either manually (hand polish) or using a machine. Chalk powder is applied onto the surface, stained or otherwise, before polishing, to get a uniform tone. Light sanding using 320 or 400 grit sandpaper can be done, in between. Melamine or PU coating can be applied over Polished surfaces for superior finish and film stay.